We work tirelessly to give people a cleaner and cheaper alternative for their cooking fuel. 

Charcoal also damages more than the health of those who are cooking, it is also destructive to the environment. It releases twice as much CO2 as LPG gas and destroys more than 130 thousand hectares of forest every single year in Tanzania. 


With smarter distribution and Pay-as-you-Go technology we're already changing this in Tanzania, but our ambitions are to scale this impact across Africa. We'll need help to get there, so if you want to partner, contact us to learn more.

I’m convincing other women to also buy gas. Using it has been much better for my health and my children’s health than charcoal, it also helps keep the environment clean. But while many people would prefer to use gas, they couldn’t afford to switch.
— Selemani Shabani, Gas Vendor

We need local partners and funders to scale across Africa. 

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